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"There is someone for everyone!"

ChicletYou can increase chances for lasting relationship success when you are clear, confident and committed.

That’s where I come in if you’re not.

I am passionate about helping singles find healthy, loving relationships. I am a certified relationship coach, professional matchmaker and DiSC behavioral analyst. Using these skills, along with others I learned during years of corporate recruiting and coaching, I reduce and often eliminate the anxiety and guesswork related to the dating process. I help both men and women better understand themselves and then each other, which is a great start toward de-mystifying romance and making dreams come true.

My approach is unique—I provide sound, personalized guidance before your search begins, while it’s going on and after you’ve partnered up. I alert you to common relationship traps and derailments, help change patterns that don’t serve you and ward off trouble that can lead to confusion, disappointment and sometimes, heartbreak. I credit my numerous successful outcomes—including marriages—to unwavering dedication to getting you “ready to be found.” That could mean redefining your ideal mate, overcoming preconceptions, learning lessons from past relationships, and more.

When you are serious about finding your life partner, contact me to talk about programs and services best suited to you. Happiness awaits!

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